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the puppy that god had a plan for

inexplicably survived euthanasia

Rudolph dog
They called it "the puppy of miracles" because it survived euthanasia. Rudolph, a puppy crossing between a labrador and a pitbull, was in a Oklahoma shelter, which for overcrowding reasons decided to shoot it down. The vet had already injected the poison and Rudolph was already closing his eyes. But then, inexplicably, something happened. The dog has awakened. And he was fine.
"God had a different plan for this puppy," the no-kill shelter King's Harvest Pet Rescue from Davenport, Iowa, wrote on Facebook. After the miracle, this structure offered to welcome Rudolph. "If you want to give it a second life, come and visit us". Soon, many requests for adoption came, and finally Rudolph found a new home and who knows what projects he has.

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